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Can we play Trivia Online?

Yes, I've got online trivia options available for you to play! I've got regularly scheduled PUBLIC games, private games for Corporate Clients, Colleges and Universities, or even Families and Friends that may not be local to each other!

How it works:

Two devices are best, but not required. Simply put, we're going to have the host element on a ZOOM meeting. Links will be provided via social media for PUBLIC games, and they will be distributed by event organizers for PRIVATE events. That is where I'll be reading the questions and providing some banter in between, like only I can do! You will all be muted during the game, but will be able to contact me and talk some smack in the live chat. Best device is a laptop or tablet for this job.

On your phone, you'll want to visit and enter the code that I'll have displayed in the Zoom meeting feed, as well as in the chat.


Truth be told, in a recent test one player was unable to listen to the questions, but was able to play along as the phone DOES display the questions and then will show the multiple choice options once the timer starts. You might think this would put you at a disadvantage... but it TRULY does NOT as she actually placed first in that test game!

I'll be in the meeting about 30 minutes ahead, and a 10 minute timer will be shown on my video feed as a countdown to the game start. I'll explain points and game play before we start with our first question! Prizes will vary based on availability, sponsorships, and event organizer terms (non-public games).

If you'd like to play a public game, check my appearances page! For a inquiry on a private event held online. Check my availability right here:

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