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Bobby Roast Beef can be found at various local venues of all kinds hosting a variety of Smartphone Trivia games, and NOW he's even hosting games ONLINE via Zoom. All LIVE  (not online) games are open to anyone to play! Prizes vary between venues, and all listed times are for when "Sign-in" begins, expect the first question approx. 30 minutes later, and there's generally 90 minutes of game time including all the breaks between rounds!
How's it work? Arrive at one of the events listed in the image with your Apple, Android, or Kindle device charged up. Then download the SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer App for free on your app store. After it's installed, connect to the "Quiz" WIFI network. Simply open the App, enter a fun team name, and you're in the game! Keep in mind that a team only needs one device to play, NOT one per player on the team.
Typical games mix different play styles of answering GENERAAL KNOWLEDGE trivia questions. Either entering an answer via a keypad, or by buzzing in to provide a verbal response. We also have various ways to get bonus points that get shuffled up between games - so it's ALWAYS interesting!
All games are free to play - see you soon! 

Beanboozeled Challenge!

take part in the challenge by getting the Nearest Wins Question right. Then eat the Jelly Beans for points. Some are tasty, others, not so much!

Over 400 Games Hosted!

Always playing to the crowd and putting a little humor and lots of personality into the game, Bobby Roast Beef makes this Pub Trivia unlike any other! Come out and play, see what people have been talking about!

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