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Clinics and Resources

With 500+ events of SpeedQuizzing alone under BRB's belt, his experience has come in some high demand. His proven efforts in promoting, and methods used to create a captive following that travels to various venues is something that many people have approached him on input for. Now, BRB is making sessions and resources available to help get your events to turn out packed houses regularly and make the most out of your weekly residency events. 

For only $99, you'll get a full 90 minute skype session where Bobby shows you how you can use his proven methods and modify them to fit your needs. It's going to be an inspiring 90 minutes, but you also get links to the resources Bobby uses to execute these methods quickly and easily. This ISN'T about the technical specifics of BRB's preferred gaming method - SpeedQuizzing (though, it's his most successful game) . This is about promotion techniques, selling your event to venues, educating the staff, and engaging your players to keep them interested and ultimately make you more money!

These methods work for your Trivia Game, Karaoke Night, Resident DJ night, Line Dancing event, any event where you are entertaining and need to fill the seats with  returning and new faces!

Click below to get started!
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