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About the BRB



Who is Bobby Roast Beef?


Bobby Roast Beef the entity came from 2005, when Rob Charette was playing drums for local Alt. Rock band, Prescription America. It was both a play on "Johhny Roast Beef" from "GoodFellas", and also a tongue and cheek joke about Rob's "beefy" physique. It stuck and from that point it's how Rob has become known in the entertainment world. 

After playing in various groups, BRB made a return to mobile DJing. Starting a new company XZI Productions in 2012. Using his brand "Bobby Roast Beef" as his DJ name, he was able to utilize the recognition from working in bars as a likable, entertaining professional - leading to more bookings. 

In 2014, Bobby took his biggest leap into the newest foray of entertainment, hosting Smartphone Trivia events. After doing some research on multiple formats - BRB found U.K. company, SpeedQuizzing, which offered a fresh, high tech alternative to the traditional trivia night on paper. This Smartphone Trivia allowed BRB to bring his personality WAY out into the game, putting his creative spin into it and also leading to the creation of the Official Pioneer Valley Smartphone Trivia League. A collective group of various teams that has multiplied in a massive way, making what was a simple trivia night a local highlight in many venues on any given weeknight. 

BRB has also partnered to create SpeedQuizzing-USA to spread the information about this amazing, and very flexible gaming format across the country. He's been a presenter at the 2015 DJ Times DJ Expo in Atlantic City and is working to build beyond the east coast soon.

BRB hopes to offer his knowledge in the form of clinics to those trying to create a fun, successful trivia series in other areas.

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