The Battle of Tofu Curtain!

You read that right, there’s a battle brewing to see whether the Northside or the Southside will reign supreme in this Smartphone Trivia battle of superiority!  

For those that don’t know what the Tofu Curtain refers to, it’s really simple. It’s essentially the line that separates Hampshire and Hampden counties in Western Massachusetts. The two are actually quite different really. Some feel one is more open to artistic expression others say that one is more of a grounded and industrious urban setting. Either way... there is completion amongst each of the Smartphone Trivia players out there from each county, and I’m going to exploit that annually to help benefit some local nonprofits!

At the current time I’m looking at venues in relative distance from the curtain itself, with a target date of 9/15! In a perfect world I’d love to see this as an outdoor pavilion type setting, but it is proving to be a little more difficult to nail down. I’ve got other options I’m considering so once I settle the “where”, I’ll make a formal announcement of “when”. 

Current goals are to have a trivia showdown where teams will play in favor of their preferred side of the Tofu Curtain. The winner will be determined in one of two ways.

The scores will be counted and the best average score will be considered our winner. 

The scores will be left as is, than following the game the highest scores representing each side of the Curtain will play a head to head battle where the top scoring team wins the title for their side of the Tofu Curtain. 

The winning side will receive a customized trophy unique to that year, to be displayed in the most popular venue in that specific county.

The charity to be the beneficiary will be different each year, and though I have already chosen the charity for this first year, a separate announcement will be made after the date and location are set in stone. 

Get ready! It’s going down this September! 

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