Back into the podcast game...

After a long break from my old podcast and getting some new inspiration from a few great shows I've discovered recently - I'm  getting back into podcasting! This time, my main focus is going to be having a show right here on that is absolutely going to be a trivia quiz show! Of course there is going to be lots of editorials, chat with guests, and a healthy dose of comedic bullshit too - but the focus is going to be quiz based with varying topics.

Why now? Well, a lot of it has to do with exactly how much of my career is focused on trivia, both hosting games and training hosts with Speedquizzing (my preferred format). My previous shows certainly had this as a topic - but I never felt fully comfortable being a total trivia geek on Western Massholes. This way I can talk about games I have hosted, quiz some guests, and have some quiz me too - without feeling like I'm possibly boring listeners.

I am planning the launch in the fall, and in the meantime I'm writing some fun rounds to share with guests. This show will have some fun live elements at my trivia events, but will have lots of guests connecting via Skype. I will also be producing content specifically to cater toward the interests of the guests - mainly so we can use the quiz as a springboard to create some fun conversation.

Want to be a guest on the show? If you are local - we can record a segment right at one of my regularly scheduled events, or whenever is convenient. The alternative is to just call in with Skype and give it a go. If you're interested - email me [] and we can set it up.

I'm still testing some of the recording methods with Skype. The goal is to record it live to tape so that it has the same feel as my trivia events typically have. 

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