Want to meet me for coffee?

I have some news. Nothing monumental of course, just something I have been REALLY excited about that is coming back to YouTube. Specifically speaking it is MY channel. OK... It's "TRIVIA HOSTS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE" and in the next few weeks it will be making a return.

For anyone not clued in to what THICGC even is - it was this fun little show where I (a trivia host), would meet someone for a coffee session and take a drive. We would realistically talk about almost anything and the guests were mostly amazing people that I met at Trivia events I have hosted all around the area. The focus isn't always trivia - but it comes up!

Why did is ever end? We'll things just kind of got really busy, but mostly I wasn't about to drive around in the awful old van with no AC. Ultimately, I just never picked it back up once I got my new ride. This time however, I'm running with it! Got a new episode on the schedule to record next week, and it is going to be a great one! I'm meeting with Crystal Childs Gryszkiewicz, Founder, Marketing Director at Splash Marketing and Creative - we both are pretty good for off the cuff type chatter about all kinds of topics, so the sky's the limit.

There will be some changes to the show. Like I mentioned earlier, the majority of the past guests have in fact been folks I met with at my weekly Trivia events - my goal is to extend that even beyond to include a wider array of guests. Of course I still have a lot of amazing folks from trivia that I want to have on, plus we MIGHT even get a random Uber guest or two!

Want to check out some past episodes? I'll post a couple below!

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