Wedding season 2016 closes.

I just wrapped the last wedding for my 2016 season, and it was AWESOME! Actually, this whole year was great. I worked with about a dozen wonderful couples on their big day, traveled a whole bunch to some pretty amazing venues. Plus, I've added more to my show this year making the wedding reception and overall planning experience just amazing and easy to work with.

The wedding that closed out my 2016 season was a smaller event with 88 guests, at a venue that's really a special one for me to make an appearance at, as it's the place my wife and I made it official almost a decade ago. The couple was awesome, highly organized and focused on fun! I added some accent uplighting to the package because I mainly wanted to show the venue up what I could do with a smaller space with such personality. The bride and groom were delighted and repeatedly told me that I made thier day both special and fun. That means a lot, especially when I know it's really about the little things.

For instance, upon introductions we used the Bruins goal horn and song for the bridal party. They are big fans and thought it would be a fantastic way to introduce the group. I also paid attention to the small details about what they like for music. For instance the groom is a big fan of heavy metal music and assumed I wouldn't be able to get away with playing some of his favorite bands. I did manage to squeeze in a few acoustic songs, one from his favorite group, Killswitch Engage, midway through dinner. He lit right up when he heard that.

It's all about the details, no matter the size of them. If there's a chance to make a memorable moment out of anything at the reception... it only builds the experience for the couple that hired me.

All in all a great night, rounding out a great year! Let's see what 2017 brings!

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