Trivia night KIX cancer's ass for St. Jude!

Last night I had the distinct opportunity to host Smartphone Trivia for an amazing group of people, all in the name of raising money for the good folks at St. Jude Children's Research Hospitals, with the partnership of KIX 100.9fm and the the fine folks at Platform Sports Bar in Northampton MA.

This was the second time I've taken part in this event. Our last one was this past April and had a monstrous turn out. It was so popular that we had figured doing it again was an obvious decision. Initially we booked for mid September, but rescheduled into October with a bit more added in for prizes, and to allow for some distance between some of the other fundraising events. This time the turnout was also great! We had a bunch of returning teams that played last spring, about a quarter in attendance were representative of the Masshole Smartphone Trivia League, and the rest were brand new players to speedquizzing. 

The game was GREAT, 3 rounds of all keypad style general knowledge material. There was a little something for everyone too, but I had a little fun with them as well. I used a sound clips round, similar to what I used last time around, but instead of using the current top 10 country songs (to pander to the KIX Country crowd), I went back a bit and used classic country songs. I was a bit surprised by the ones that they did get, but also the ones that were missed! All in all it was a whole lot of fun! Much respect to the KIX DJs too - who are some really great folks. Both Shaggy and Amanda Jo were great MCs that I'll gladly loan my mic to anytime. JT, Nora, and Ashley rounded out a formidable team as they did dominate for a good amount of the game. In the end two newbies, "Stayce Waitinski" were the ultimate winners after the 100point bonus Nearest wins question. 

It was a fantastic event, and I'm truly lucky to be a part of this amazing collective of people working for a great cause. There's more good stuff to come, this is only the beginning!

I'll be a son of a bitch if I don't admit that there were a bit too many questions revolving around the band, Muse. 

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