Scavenger hunt bonus for the week of 10/17

This week an amazing idea hit me from nearly out of the blue. I was discussing some upcoming ideas about scavenger hunt bonuses with someone at a game, when they announced that they'd be soon bringing a date to one of the upcoming games. I ask3d how they met and joked if it was on Tinder. What happened next was one of those Beavis and Butthead ideas (you know, when the light bulb goes on then explodes).

Why not offer a point bonus for teams that bring a first date with them to the game?!?!? It makes perfect sense, this is a business where success is directly measured in the number of people playing Smartphone Trivia. I'm only going to do this as a scavenger hunt bonus for one week, but unless it is a total flop it will possible be an ongoing bonus - or at least make the occasional return.

Anyway, here's the deal. Take a first date to a game, you get 50 points. The caveat is that they cannot be someone who has played before. So, there's no inter-team dates allowed. Essentially, bring a new person into the world of Speedquizzing, whilst getting your swerve on (if the kids still say that). Who knows, you might find the love of your life or maybe weed out some jabroni who's no good at pub trivia? Think about it, I could actually be doing you guys a favor!

I've also considered the folks who are spoken for, since I'm not looking to make a mess of anyone's relationships. We're going to put some stakes in it for you.

1. Bring a date (means any new person to trivia, could just be a friendly date, nothing serious) - 50 points

2. Bring a Tinder hookup and prove it showing me the correspondence - 100 points

3. Taken folks, play matchmaker and set up a first date among two people - 100 points

Seems fair. So get swiping!

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