Cheat, cheat, never beat!

It happened. I caught someone attempting to cheat at trivia last night. 2 couples, the girls were twins, all young 20 somethings, apparently also pretty good tippers. Maybe the worked in the industry?

Anyway, I knew something was funny about them once I approached them, inviting them to play and they bragged that they were kicked out of Quarters (Hadley MA) because they were "too good' at Harry Potter trivia.

Keypad round was basically on the up and up, but the buzz in they were spotted using a second device. As I asked a question, I approached their table and saw one of the twins outright typing in the question into google. She then said the answer loud enough for me to hear it, and proceeded to buzz in. Her teammates saw me and slinked back into their seats. The typist... completely clueless. I want to also mention that they were not winning at this point.

I only do one thing the same when I find someone cheating at my games. I light them up on the mic and call them right out on everything. The consequences can fluctuate. Last night, I told them that I'd be nice and not kick them out, but in my head I had already decided that they would be unable to compete in any challenges or bonuses of any kind. 

The game continued. They hardly buzzed in for the buzz in round, and did not win the Nearest Wins question - not that it'd matter. I'd have given the points from the challenge to last place. We then started the Tortoise race, which they never bought a ticket for... so that didn't benefit them. 

Round 3 started up, and they played ok... barely got any speed points and got about half the questions right. At the end however, they did win the Nearest Wins bonus question that was worth 100 points. I also believe that they attempted to Google that answer, though it's doubtful they were successful since they didn't get it right on. They did win the 100 points, which kicked them up to third place.

My goal was to kick them out of the system prior to the nearest wins, but I had forgotten. Since they placed in a spot that would award them a prizes and did it with only 5 points. I decided quickly to use this as an opportunity to educate them not to mess around with Bobby Roast Beef or the Masshole Smartphone Trivia League (yes, it's a thing). 

As they were cheering for placing in the top 3, I called them out yet again. I said "now, that places them in third place - HOWEVER since I busted them earlier for cheating, I feel it's only fair to penalize them by deducting JUST enough pints to take them out of the top 3!" So, adjusted they score by 5 little points and with that... crushed dreams.

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