I actually WILL have another cup!

What a whirlwind the past couple of months have been! I know... you all have been unbelievably concerned with me because of my absence on the ole blog here. Let's just say that tings have been insane, which is good! I love to be busy, but I feel like I may need a bit more of a commitment on my part to regular blog posts. I'll work on that. I actually WILL have another cup of coffee and make time to post more content. Why not today, of all days? It NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! I'm enjoying an americano here at Starbucks while I get caught up on a few things. For those that are unaware - a cafe americano is my go to espresso drink. Never fails to deliver, bold, rich... mmm.

Back to business. last post was pre-DJ Expo in Atlantic City. I've gotta say that was about the tipping point for when things got REALLY busy. The conference and our seminar was a MASSIVE success all around. We met some amazing people from all over the country, mainly the east coast, many of them joined this little SpeedQuizzing family of ours. As a matter of fact, 100% of the attendees of our seminar are now SQ hosts themselves! That's pretty amazing. So amazing that we've decided to take the show on the road again... and do Las Vegas for Mobile Beat's annual show!

Not only will we be doing a showing on the floor, and a seminar... but we're hosting the welcoming party too! It's a massive step in the US market for SpeedQuizzing - we feel very strongly about the product and feel it's worth the effort.

Aside from all the SQUSA stuff, I've had a bunch of private events in the works. Both DJ based jobs and Hosting Trivia - sometimes even both! I have also been working the bar circuit in a big way too. Our League has recently changed names to the MASSHOLE SMARTPHONE TRIVIA LEAGUE, and our Boston area crew has been expanding rapidly. I'm glad to have Ed Reynolds handling things out there, he's really killing it. There's been some changes to the league, some exciting new twists that I'll explain further in separate blog posts.

The podcast has been blowing up too. Western Massholes has 8 complete episodes posted and a bunch of global listeners checking us out weekly. It's been an amazing experience putting this show together and the feedback has been mainly positive. Except from my mom... it's not her thing. Not really for the easily offended either, you've been warned. Click the pic to check out the most recent episode and subscribe!

The most recent addition is this Bus Trip i'm working with Season Pass Sales on to Mt. Snow on January 29th! It's a trivia outing with games on the bus, Speedquizzing in the Lodge at Cuzzin's, plus it includes a lift ticket for 99$! We have various options for tickets, some don't include the lift ticket for those that prefer to just make a day out of the trivia night experience. There are discount for early orders, click the image below for more ticket info and to buy early!!!

Now for another cup of coffee....


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