Summer in the cities!

It's been about a month since my last post, but there's a fantastic reason why I'm so behind on this. I have been busy AF! June weddings were amazing! July has been pretty packed with a mix of events too. I even took time to fit in a vacation with my family and visit Niagara Falls! While I was in the Buffalo NY area I did scope out some amazing places for a motivated local entertainer to make a KILLING with SpeedQuizzing. I'm hoping to reconnect with a few DJ's from the WNY region at this years DJ Expo in Atlantic city. We've been working hard on the seminar to help educate DJ's on capitalizing on the gaming side of entertaining, not only in bars and restaurants - but for private events as well!

I'll give an example of an event where Smartphone Trivia just absolutely crushed it. It was a corporate event for an office in the Boston area that had recently moved to a new facility. The office had team members located in the west coast branch in town for a meeting and training. The locals had wanted to have a small reception to welcome the west coast crew, and had the recommendation of Smartphone Trivia from a few employees that had recently played at a local bar event. They had reached out to me through the Speedquizzing UK website and hired me for the event. At this event they were looking for fun and to blow off a bit of steam at the office, instead of using the custom content option, they opted for a fun game of general knowledge with some specialty rounds worked into the mix. It was an absolute success! In total we played 4 complete rounds. Starting with a 20 question general knowledge round, then a fun theme round where the topic was "celebrity tweets" between Kanye West and Donald Trump. They did so well that I decided to try a second buzz in style round (normally reserved for more seasoned pub trivia nights), where the topic was Pokemon or Prescription Drugs - it was a blast!

I guarantee they never expected to have that much fun in the break-room without breaking some type of rules from the Employee Handbook! At the end we did a final 20 question general knowledge and a bonus "Nearest Wins" question at the very end to keep the excitement going to the end. Just good stuff all around, and they were so happy with the outcome that I'm positive we'll be working together on future events.

This event was a Thursday night event and made me money as if it was a Saturday. That's after I factored travel, game costs, etc. It's all about making the experience as fun and engaging as possible to keep the value of it up. I'm about to drop a massive tip here for people considering a move to games as an option. You are what matters. Yes you need a great game as the foundation, but that's only a fraction of what makes the difference. The rest is all about YOU. Are you pleasant to hear calling out the questions and can they easily hear and understand you? Are you coming across as genuine? Are you putting yourself into the game and keeping the experience engaging? These are all things that make the difference between a trivia host, and a GREAT trivia host!

As we go into August, there's more and more events coming. I'm going to also be shifting into high gear with the DJ Expo week creeping up so quickly. One thing - I plan on keeping things more up to date with this blog, especially while I'm in Atlantic City with a least a few recaps of the events happening! This winter I'll be offering up some clinics to help Speedquizzing hosts working all around the US make the most of their games by investing in themselves as hosts.

Until next time...

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