Europa Black Rock Bar & Grill w/ Bobby Roast Beef

Just last week, I signed on with a new venue here in the Western Massachusetts area. They picked up Thursday nights - a night that had been occupied for nearly two years by The Collegian Court in Chicopee. The new venue is Europa Black Rock Bar & Grill. It's a great venue with a fantastic menu made up of steaks, seafood, great sandwiches, and a big Portuguese influence too! The staff is top notch and the place has been updated recently so it has a comfortable, modern feel to the interior. Plus as a big bonus - they have an espresso machine to boot! That goes a long way with me.

I'm a bit of an old school guy at heart and finishing a great meal with an espresso and a brandy is kind of an ideal situation for me. So, everything about this venue checks out at super high levels too. They have been playing around with finding the right type of entertainment for just before the weekend and I'm fairly certain this is a match made in heaven. Let's be honest, I offer a fun trivia experience almost anyone can walk away from with a smile.

This makes for another game in a key area for the Official Pioneer Valley Smartphone Trivia League! There's a lot of demand in the Ludlow, Belchertown, Wilbraham, and Palmer areas - and my hope is that the league will continue to grow in those towns.

Yesterday was my first game at the new Thursday digs! Gotta say that first off it was one of the most smooth upstarts that i have had. First time EVER that LIVESCREEN implementation was brought in from the start. The venue has lots of tables that are right out in front of where I set myself up. That means even from the podium, I'm right in it with my teams. It also means LOWER VOLUME which I'm totally all about. Europa doesn't have those cavernous ceilings and massive open spaces. Instead it's a more intimate type place for dining - the bar is full service but not a behemoth. Plus, the dining room while in a separate location, isn't closed off from the lounge. Already (once the draw grows) - I can see the game spreading into the dining room as well, and I'm planning on how to accommodate any changes.

I see big things in store for Europa Black Rock Bar & Grill in the near future! It's important the the venues I operate the games I'm hosting measure up to a specific standard - and Europa surpasses those expectations! So, on Thursday come join me at my newest venue for Smartphone Trivia - especially if you're one of those asking for something a bit closer to home for you. Also, notice that this game is starting with sign in at 7:30pm, an entire hour earlier than my other games. Not that my games run insanely late - but I understand that folks have yo work in the morning. It's OK - I ain't mad at ya!

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