The new frontier, in local trivia competition!

So the Official Pioneer Valley Smartphone Trivia League is growing, much more in relation to the reach of affiliate hosts and the areas our game factors into. What's really happening here is the beginning of the "leaving the comfort of our own backyard". Starting on June 22nd, a Wednesday - there's going to be three league sanctioned games happening that day. The original in Holyoke at Brennan's Place, then our "kid brother game" in Enfield CT at Yarde Tavern. The new kid on the block in located in Waltham, MA at Playmaker's Sports Bar - Hosted by Ed Sugerman!

So, Mr. Roast Beef - what does all this mean and how is it going to effect us? Well kids, that's a great question! What it really means is that people love this game, and want to get in on the fun, we've been having for the last couple of years! Obviously, I know fully that you local guys aren't heading out to Waltham to play, but know that if you were in the area - you could AND your points would get reported accordingly too! Plus it means that if you HAPPEN to know anyone in that area - you could do a little expanding of your own team... if you care to take that step. You could even form an alliance using the PVSTL Facebook group as a forum. That's just the tip of the iceberg too. I'm planning a trip out there to check out how Ed hosts his game and to check out the scene a bit. Why not make it a field trip? Plus, I'm also planning on seeing this build in OTHER states where we could do "ALL-STAR" type competitions, potentially as a live stream to be posted online or as a marathon for fundraising. The opportunities for great events is simply astounding.

Playmakers is located at 342 Moody St. in Waltham MA - and it's only the first game in that area. The goal is to add more in the Boston area and build this league up. The move east is very exciting, but it's only the first step. The plan is to also go west (my son), into the Berkshires as well. While there's nothing carved in stone, I'm working with a highly talented and personable host who will be starting out in the North Adams area - then adding additional areas in the furthest right region of Western Mass. Like I mentioned this is still in it's infancy, but more info will be available after we tighten up loose ends, and you'll be updated as changes are made.

As far as these remote areas are concerned, the scores will be factored in through the seasons, and posted with overall scores - bonuses awarded for additional games. We will however have additional prizes awarded for the highest score in different regions. For instance the overall highest score will win the largest prize, but prizes will be awarded for the highest "League EAST" score, same with the West too - once established. This is where the "Home Venue" from that PVSTL application comes in. My goal is to see Playmaker's develop that same type of league competition that we have at Brennan's Place. The place that the league takes center stage. I have very high hopes. By fall I'm looking to rename the league to fit it's coverage area.

If you have any questions - simply leave a comment below!

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