Millennials, why's everyone so scared?

I just left an event held by the popular bridal magazine and website - THE KNOT. The topic was millennial couples and how to cater to their unique needs as they become the largest group of wedding clients in history. It's no secret that millennials have a rep of enjoying instant gratification - but really, who doesn't these days? For that matter... it's ALWAYS been that way!

I found myself relating more and more to this massive generation, even though I'm a graying "Gen-Xer" on the late end of the spectrum. It just seems to me that - there's less of a focus on the age demographic and more on technology in our society. Are we attached to our smartphones constantly - sure, most of us are. Matter of fact, the younger on the scale you look the MORE tied to devices you'll find that we are. That said, I still find clients my age and above - that LOVE the fact that I offer online planning tools for their events, that are in fact MOBILE FRIENDLY. It just seems to me that it has less to do with a generation and more to do with the fact that people prefer the convenience that tech can actually bring them .

Think about it, folks get groceries delivered to their homes, or even brought to their cars - just so they don't HAVE to be inconvenienced by going into a store. Take out orders are now brought out to you so you don't have to interact with a human by leaving the comfort of your vehicle. You can order a domino's pizza right now, and that app will inform you of the name of the person making your order, and even the driver of the car bringing it to your home. To me this is all about how Americans just operate. Remember those days when you'd go to a drive in diner and the waitress would skate out to your car and attach a tray to your window? It's not a far stretch to see how we've ended up here.

So, I'll accept the technological changes in today's society with open arms, and millennials - i'm here and glad to help you make your event one that event the next generation will remember! Check my availability now, HERE!

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