Podcast about to launch!

I know it's mention here on bobbyroastbeef.com that I'm hosting a fun talk based podcast (called Western Massholes) with a longtime friend of mine from the Radio station days in college (Jim Dandy), but I really haven't mentioned much else about it. Well, last Thursday we finally made some REAL progress. We had attempted to book a decent guest, one that had some great stuff to talk with us about going out of the gate with the first episode. Confirming a guest was proving to be REALLY difficult as we had to align schedules and deal with some deadlines.

Finally we had a window with a really fantastic guest that seemed to be the ideal fit as we had started off our training in radio, some 20 years ago with him. A local radio host, and local musician that plays in a veteran band (The Donut Kings), from the local scene for going on thirty years! Our first guest was Mike Jekot and man, we talked for a while about everything from Bill Cosby, to traveling inside your local region to find points of interest, racing, music (of course), Dancing Larry, we even did a short trivia gameabout Adult Film parody titles!

It was an amazing recording and catching up session, plus learning about some of the stuff we didn't know about Mike to begin with was pretty cool! We do have a short list of people we'd like to get in the "studio" so that we can do more of the same - but of course each episode will probably be something very unique by proxy, when you consider the wide range of personalities we're anxious to host.

One fun element was the trivia game that we played. It made for an interesting little spin to get out of the Q&A and generate some dialog and have a lot of laughs too. That's the point really.

Once the episode is launched, you'll see a "PODCAST" page on Bobbyroastbeef.com that will have links right there for you to get all the info,plus all the episodes! If you are interested in being a guest on the show, email info@westernmassholes.com and we'll set it up! Make sure to visit Mike Jekot's radio blog over at http://spaceshow413.blogspot.com/ to see what he's been spinning over at WTCC!

#podcast #westernmass #donutkings #punk #alternative #wtcc #radio #billcosby #travel #racing

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