Upgrading your corporate event!

Lots of different companies are hosting events these days, for a multitude of reasons. Some utilize an event as a way to introduce a new product or service, or to train staff on that new launch. They can be used for fundraising, or to establish team building, or as a retreat for job well done - and to encourage continued efforts. Whatever the reason, corporate clients are always looking for fresh new ways to make these events engaging, and also FUN! These settings are absolutely perfect for Smartphone Trivia because it completely delivers on both levels!

I've worked with a number of corporate clients to do everything from entertain at an annual holiday party, to a fundraising effort, to a retreat and social outing. In each instance, one thing was common, each event was crafted with a custom spin to accomplish a a specific desired effect. First at the holiday party, I created a custom game of "Two Lies and a Truth" - a multiple choice based game created to break the ice among the attendees so that it would create interaction and allow for everyone to learn a bit about the people they work with. At the fundraising event , I wrote questions about how the organization was tied to the community and showing the history it had developed. These were weaved into the general knowledge style format so that it wasn't bombarding the attendees with data... instead just suggesting throughout. At the retreat - the event was focused on fun. So I put a game of various topics together that was light, but fitting for the group.

So, how does a Smartphone Trivia event work for a client? Basically, it's an all inclusive type package

of engaging entertainment that is custom tailored to the type of event you're holding. For instance, I'll arrive prior to the event start time, so that everything is set up and ready prior to your guests arrival. There's options in the multiple packages, that involve what size sound system is needed, are there any video (optional Speedquizzing LIVESCREEN to enhance the game play), or lighting requests (uplighting to create an atmosphere, or a logo projection). These details will make your experience unique and something that will get attention, and create future successful events. Your guests will arrive to a completed set up, with background music playing comfortably to set the mood. At each table or station there will be easy to understand directions, professionally printed on a card to instruct attendees on how to get connected in THREE simple steps, along with that I'll work the room to engage and welcome the guests, suggesting the get connected. I'll make announcements welcoming the teams as they log in - this will also peak interest of other guest inviting them to get logged in. Once we have the teams connected - your custom game will begin as we have arranged prior to the event - to your specifications. Breaks will be taken between rounds (typical rounds last about 15-17 minutes including all directions), upon a close of a break I'll announce the next round is beginning, usually with a simple cue (after this next song, we'll be back with round two!). This keeps your guests enjoying the event and keeping play light so that it's not a daunting experience. I'll complete the game to your specifications, and fill with bonus material should time allow for it. Upon completion, we will award any prizes, if any (predetermined in advance) to the appropriate winning teams. We'll then provide music and AV support until the conclusion of your event.

It's excellent for the event planning committee because all the execution is done by me - with a plan in place to keep things running in a smooth comfortable fashion. You walk away with a super successful event behind you and at the water cooler - you're a hero!

Visit http://www.xzi.com to check availabilty!

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