Thursday Night Live

I'm so damn excited it's Thursday. I took tonight off from my regular Smartphone Trivia event and have a capable fill in host working for me. The reason for this... I'm going to see Louis C.K. at Foxwoods in CT tonight! I'm beyond excited as I've been a longtime fan... but haven't seen him live yet. That changes this year. I'm going tonight - then to see him again in August when he actually comes to Western Massachusetts!

Louis is a very funny guy, his show on FX is one of my absolute favorites out there. Lucky Louie on HBO was great as well, as a matter of fact Holly and I went on to buy the series and re-watch it all since we hadn't seen any of it together. I should mention that Holly is a massive fan as well. Maybe even a bit more than I. One time, she had said that watching Louis (the FX show), she was reminded a lot of me, which I took as a huge compliment! Yes, even if she was referring to him being grouchy and such.The thing with Louis, is that I see him more as a contemporary philosopher of sorts. The wisdom that he lays out both in his act and in his programs is absolutely gold, and if people took note and learned from it the world could actually be a bit better of a place. He's real, from the way he parents his kids to the way he copes with his own distaste for people in general. Once there was a line in the FX show that went something to the effect of this: "You never look too see if anyone has more than you, you only look to see if they have enough". I'm sure I'm getting that quote wrong, but the gist is there. It's stuff like that - that I try to instill in my own two daughters. They don't need to know about why Daddy laughs every time someone mentions a cinnamon bun - but I want them to get the lessons. Don't get me wrong... someday they will know why i laugh at some of what I do - I just hope they find it funny too, and if they don't I might Just Laugh a little bit more!

Having a night off is GREAT, but i'm about to get very busy in the next handful of weeks. I love it! I do have this weekend, memorial day weekend at that, free and clear! So, the plan is to enjoy it. We got an invite for a cookout at some friend's house this weekend and we're excited to go! Next week I go into full swing with my first event in June! Going to be a crazy summer, and I'm SO excited!

Have a great weekend everyone - enjoy it and be safe!

*the above image - I've got that t-shirt.

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