Time management and Ha Ha very funny!

Planning out next week so that everything runs smoothly. Friday - Sunday will be completely dedicated to travel and the wedding. I'll return Sunday afternoon and will plan for a Smartphone Trivia game that night. Might even come up with a funky little bonus round to add in as well.

Made a scheduling mistake with my rental car (I'm not bringing the van on the ferry, if I don't need to), but I scheduled pick up for the rental on Friday morning... not accounting for loading time between gear and wiggle room for traffic. So, I had to move it to Wednesday, since Thursday was tied up with a staff picnic at Springfield College. That day I'm expecting to really WOW some people with Smartphone Trivia!

The plan at the moment is to hold a game prior to lunch, then after lunch they want me to do Jukebox Bingo - no problem. My thought process is that since I'll have a bunch of them ready to play Speedquizzing earlier, maybe I could do a music clip round of Speedquizzing either in place of or along with Jukebox Bingo! Always thinking of ways to mix it up. It's what makes me a fun host.

Next week is a BIG week for my oldest daughter too - she'll be shadowing at a new school. We're REALLY excited for her and think that this new start will be a really fantastic fit that she'll thrive in. Got my fingers crossed that she's going to love it, though I'm fairly certain she will. It's also softball season... so that means games that are cutting it REALLY close to my Trivia events. Things will fall into place soon though with everyone's schedules around here.

For the weekend - I'm leaving the kids with my mother in law and the wife and I are heading to Foxwoods Casino for the night to see Trevor Noah. Holly and I LOVE the daily show - but we were aware and enjoy Trevor's comedy long before he took over for John Stewart.

As a matter of fact - there's a very interesting film that he did called "You Laugh but it's True"; where he talks about his evolution into stand up - and also about what it was like in South Africa as a comic. They had some serious limitations - then again it's South Africa. That has got to be expected from the rest of the world.

While I'm on the topic of comedy - Holly surprised me with quite a cool little treat this week. Something we've both been REALLY looking forward to, once our schedules sort of settled into place, and we could finally afford to splurge. She ordered tickets for Louis C.K. - I found out during my Monday Trivia event. It was all i could do to contain my sheer joy. Just in the fact that we didn't miss out on the tickets... because we've had that happen. It's a mid-week show and I'll be setting up a substitute host for my game that night but man is it worth it! Louis isn't just a funny guy... he's like a philosopher. I completely dig his integrity with his career, the way he parents his kids, the way he's cranky and crotchety - a lot like me according to my wife (thanks darling). That show is the following week and it's the best way to round out of a pretty busy stretch, I must say!

I'm also promising myself that after I wrap everything up for today, I'm taking some time to fish tomorrow morning. There's nothing lined up for that day... then again I'm sure it'll rain or something. Even still, I'm going to take a few hours and get out there. It's good to clear your head.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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