Wedding Season DJ and SpeedQuizzing work!

Swinging into wedding season and it's pretty exciting! Just booked a ferry for my first wedding of the 2016 season, happening next weekend. I'm looking forward to this because it's one of the biggest wedding jobs I've booked since going into business for myself. The obvious is the travel involved - it's on Martha's Vineyard, but more than that is the total amount of work and new stuff I'm debuting at this one event!

This couple - who has been awesome to work and plan with BTW - has a monogram projection, small accent style uplighting, and some dance floor lighting involved with the reception. Plus, at this event I'll be breaking out the brand new Wedding Facade for the first time. I was never really into the look of a facade, but I feel like a clean polished DJ booth that screams "elegance", is really a upgrade to the whole wedding DJ package.

I'll be arriving day early, despite not needing to be at the rehearsal - I will however be providing Smartphone Trivia to the attendees of the rehearsal dinner. This is a little feature I think they are absolutely going to love! Then at the wedding I'll take advantage of the guests having the app already on their devices and do the "Shoelywed Game REMIX" for them. This is a great way to have a bit of fun at the reception... without putting your guests to sleep, because they are fully engaged in the game and competing! It's a blast, I'm planning on getting some video with my GOPRO to share how some of this works in practice.

Got lots to do, and I'm loving it!

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