DJ Expo 2016: planning begins.

Been working feverishly with my cohort, Bill Adams, on this year's SpeedQuizzing show at DJ Times' DJ Expo in Atlantic City later this summer. We've got a much larger presence planned than we had last year, and we're looking forward to this opportunity to really expand the reach of SpeedQuizzing USA!

The biggest change is that in addition to our booth on the Expo floor...

we're holding a seminar! The focus is on how to diversify your ability to entertain, to both enrich your value to the guests and make your services both unique and profitable through games! It sounds a little crazy - maybe it is... but as a DJ I'm really not into dancing? This doesn't mean I have an issue with it, or music.... in fact it's the contrary... I live and breathe music of all genres. What I'm saying is that I see a HUGE value to casting a "wider" net, so to speak.

It all gets down to giving the attendees of an event a little something that appeals to them. We'll certainly have dancing... but breaking the ice at a corporate event, or even at a wedding if the setting is right, with a Trivia game that ACTUALLY FUN and competitive is one hell of a way to get the juices flowing for later. This seminar will explain how we've done that with great success - and our goal is to open your eye to gaming as an option, or if nothing else a little addition to your entertainment tool belt.

Anyway, That does it for today - I've got a presentation to put together!

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